’98 -RS125R Gear Position Sensor kit Instruction Manual (Power Jet Mode Selector Couplers/Connectors)

These couplers were provided by some companies such as JHA, Harc-Pro, MotoBum and others.

Thank you for purchasing the MOTO BUM gear position sensor kit.\

This product can change the power jet cut speed for each gear position.

With lower gears, the rotation speed increases rapidly, and detonation tends not to occur easily.

Set it low to improve overrev characteristics, and in high gears, rotation increases slowly at high load, and detonation

The cutting speed is set high because it tends to occur.

NoPart NumberNameQty
132111-4MB-000Sub Harness 11
232112-4MB-000Sub Harness 21
332113-4MB-000Sub Harness 31
430420-4MB-000Unit ASSY1
535750-4MB-000Gear Position Sensor ASSY1
696001-06012-006x12 Flange1
711310-4MB-000L Cover COMP1
811315-NX4-000L Cover O-ring1
923411-4MB-000Shift Drum1
1091406-657-671Harness Clip1

The setting can be changed from the plans 1 to 3 in the attached table by changing the sub harness.

Specifications for each sub-harness plan Gear position:

Plan 1     Plan 2     Plan 3

Mounting Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual before carrying out. (* Please go after attaching SPL wire harness and SPL ECU.)
1. Replace the kit with the shift drum and L cover. Around clutch lifter, counter shaft Remove the bearing plate from the STD L cover and reuse it.

2. Align the gear position sensor pin with the shift drum notch, and

Use and install.

3. Connect the 3P blue coupler of the unit ASSY to the 3P blue coupler of the SPL harness.

(this Therefore, no mode coupler is required. )

4. Connect one of the sub-harness plans 1 to 3 between the unit ASSY and the gear

position sensor ASSY I, and fix the green ground wire of the unit ASSY to the metal part of

the vehicle (fasten together).

5. Clamp each harness so that it does not interfere with the moving part, rotating part and high temperature part.

!!important point!!
! Be sure to use an SPL ECU for the engine control unit (ECU).

! Be sure to adjust the pin position so that the gear position sensor is not damaged when attaching / detaching the transmission.

(Remove the sensor if necessary) and go.

! Detonation can be controlled by changing the plan with the sub-harness.

However, if you use a plan in which the power jet can be cut off quickly on a high-speed course,

Course layout is likely to be prolonged when fuel condition is low and detonation may occur frequently.

While carefully checking the detonation counter and piston status, Make changes to the run.