1. Remove the fuel tank.
  2. Remove Carby
  3. Drain Coolant and remove radiator
  4. remove coil and disconnect wiring
  5. Cover engine to protect from debris





6. Saw off coil lugs and file or grind flush






7.Weld coil mounts to the right side of the frame





8. Drill holes if required:
If your airbox came with the holes pre drilled, great! If not, you will need to drill the holes in the airbox yourself.
one for the clutch cable
one for the throttle cable
one for the air pressure line
one more for the clutch cable
Using a drill and this diagram, drill the holes in the airbox and fit the grommets in place.









9. Modify Fuel Cap:
Using a 1/8″ drill bit, carefully bore out the hole in the fuel cap paying attention not to break it, remember it’s plastic. Replace the rubber diaphragm and also increase the hole in the rubber diaphragm using the same 1/8″ drill bit or a slightly larger size bit. Make sure you have some foam in your tank to prevent fuel from sloshing around and coming back thru the hose.


10. Modify Carb Slide:
This step may be optional, depending on the racetrack.
The problem: After a long straight with a lot braking going on, it is possible that the engine will become rich and when you open the throttle to start accelerating you will get a hesitation
The solution: Modify the carb slide as show in the diagram to the right.
Move your mouse over the diagram for a cheap thrill.