Honda NSR250 1998-2002

It is a twin-crank, two-cylinder, same-explosion V-twin engine that is not compatible with the “Honda RS250R”, but is
the works machine “Honda NSR250” from 1998 to 2002.

Pivotless frame is returned to the normal twin tube + double-sided swing arm, and
seat railless is being tested. Electric cords and sensors are laid around the car body, and
it can be seen that electronic control is progressing more than before.

This is a personal subjectivity, but the twin-axis V-twin NSR250 has
a carbon fiber heat insulating cover wrapped around the chamber
, as you would think in the all-Japan satellite system. From the fact that there are no battlefields left, I
feel that it was a bike that chose riders / mechanics quite severely.

Honda RS250RW 2002-2009

In the GP250 class from 2002 to 2009, a new works machine “Honda RS250RW” based on the MR02 type commercial RS250R was participating in place of the “Honda NSR250”.
Of Spain on this machine Dani Pedrosa is 2004, 2005 and
two years WGP250 champion in a row
of WGP250 last player Hiroshi Aoyama in 2009 became the year
after the completion development year drop machine at the end of the I became a GP250 champion.

Works original frame, swing arm. Front and rear special suspension made by SHOWA.
Radial fix brake.
The shape of the works special carburetor, the electrical system ram air duct is also different, etc. It
seems to be a special machine that is completely different from the commercial type.