The final model that has returned to the double-sided swing arm.

Although there is a difference in the uniaxial layout of the engine, the
appearance is similar to the ’98 -’02 type NSR250.
It seems that the F / R wheels have been outsourced by “marchesini”.

The uniaxial V-twin engine seems to be a continuous development type from the NX5 type, but it seems that the
crankcase is newly designed and the front and rear length is shortened by 15 mm.
The Works NSR250
was a two-axis V-twin engine with a crankcase reed valve in the ’98 -’02 model, so
NSR and RS were evolving into different systems.

Specifications table of ’01 MR02

Model DesignationMR02 (NXA)
full length1,954 mm
Full width640 mm
Overall height1,090 mm
Wheelbase1,340 mm
Semi-dry weight101 kg
Minimum ground clearance110mm
Casters22 ° 3′
Rear suspensionProlink
Rim sizeF: 3,50-17 / R: 5,50-17
Engine typeWater-cooled 2-cycle crankcase reed valve 75 ° V-type 2-cylinder
Total displacement249cc
Bore x stroke54 x 54.5 mm
Maximum output67.6 kW (92 ps) / 12,500 rpm (when using lead-free high octane)
Maximum torque52.2 Nm (5,33 kg-m) / 12,000 rpm
carburetorPJ38 (with TH sensor & PWJ)
Lubrication methodMixed
Starting methodPush start
transmissionAlways meshing 6-speed return
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price¥ 1,840,000 (including setup kit)


Development of the commercial RS250R was suspended until 2002,
and development was concentrated on the works machine RS250RW, and
the supply of “A kit” to the satellite team was also stopped from 2001.

With the end of GP250, sales of RS250R ended in 2009.